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R. Lee Ermey Auctions


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Now Hear This!




From the personal collection of

"The Gunny", R. Lee Ermey


Auctions of Modern & C&R Firearms, Antique Guns, Competition Air Rifles, Knives, Swords, Watches & Optics



A notarized certificate of authenticity with photo and description of your item signed by his son, Clinton Ermey, will be included.



A portion of the proceeds from these auctions will be graciously donated by the Ermey family to:





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Auctions beginning 08/31/2019 


High Power Competition AR rifle in .223 Rem Match




9.75" Damascus blade knife. Leather sheath inscribed "R.L Ermey" with

attached "THIS ONE IS MINE" U.S.M.C. challenge coin




C Company Colt/Walker Heritage commemorative 1847 black powder revolver in .44





U.S. Optics U.S.M.C. SN-12 4X optic




 Dakota Arms 76 rifle in .416 Rigby




Vanguard France-Lames "U.S.N." sword with scabbard




Creedmoor Sports/Anschutz NMAR match PCP air rifle in .177





Caliber 0311 series U.S.M.C. wrist watch




Auctions beginning 09/14/2019 


Navy Arms/Winchester/Miroku M73 1873 rifle in .357 Magnum.

Gift to Gunny from Lipsey's Inc. CEO




Naval cutlass with metal & leather scabbard




Ruger Vaquero single action revolver in .45 Long Colt with holster




U.S. Optics SN-4 optic 1.5-6X with P6M-3000-M rings




Winchester Model 1895 rifle in .30-06




Horstmann Phila. "U.S.M.C." sword with scabbard




Browning BAR rifle in .30-06 with 4.5-14x40mm Leupold Vari-X III optic




Auctions beginning 09/28/2019 


F. Lli Pietta 1851 Navy black powder revolver in .44 with CNATT 2011 U.S.M.C. birthday ball plaque/stand




Parker-Hale Ltd. Safari rifle in .30-06 with 3.2-17x44 SN-3 T-Pal U.S. Optics scope





Wilkinson Sword, London "United States Marines" sword with scabbard




Parker double barrel black powder antique shotgun in 12GA with ramrod




Enfield Martini-Henry 1886 MK IV long lever antique rifle in .577/.450 - Nepalese markings




Weatherby MarkXXII rifle in .22LR




Ithaca Gun Co. double barrel shotgun in 20GA




Auctions beginning 10/12/2019 


  SOG/Kiku Matsuda limited edition Tanto knife.

29 of 100 with certificate signed by SOG CEO Spencer Frazer




F.V. Dreyse, Sommerda. Double barrel antique needle-fire shotgun in 16 bore




Husqvarna double barrel shotgun in 12GA




Vanguard N.Y. sword with scabbard




Smith & Wesson Model 19-2 revolver in .357 Magnum




Auctions beginning 10/26/2019 


Arizona Ranger Colt Commemorative Frontier Scout SA revolver in .22LR with badge and glass-topped display case




Winchester Model 1895 Takedown rifle in .30-06





Winchester 1300 XTR shotgun in 12GA




Parker Bros. double barrel antique shotgun in 12GA




Military sword with scabbard




Hunter Arms Co., L.C. Smith Ideal Grade double barrel shotgun in 16GA




Creedmoor Sports/Anschutz NMAR match PCP air rifle in .177




Auctions beginning 11/09/2019 


Gunny’s Marathon USMC wrist watch




Cimarron/A. Uberti 1873 Cattleman SA revolver in .45 Colt with Hunter Company holster





Ira Green, Spain “U.S.” sword with scabbard




Winchester Model 1895 rifle in .30 Army (.30-40 Krag)




Winchester Mod 70 rifle in .375 H&H Magnum




J.P. Clabrough & Bros double barrel antique shotgun in 10GA




U.S. Arms Co. double barrel antique shotgun in 10GA




P. Webley & Son double barrel antique shotgun in 12GA