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Middleman FFL & Compliance Services



>>Effective 05/01/21 our CA compliance services are on hold for several months until completion of the second auction series for the R. Lee Ermey family. Photos of  the first set of items auctioned in 2019 are here.> >


We can assist you with middleman transfer and compliance of firearms to meet 2017 California regulatory guidelines.

Our base fee for this service is $75 per firearm. Compliance/parts installation & shipping are additional. We can help you in a number of ways:

1: Dealers that will not ship to California. We will coordinate with them to receive your shipment and make it compliant, if needed. We will then ship the firearm to your local dealer. We will need to know the make/model of firearm, the selling dealer's email address, your contact information and your dealer's email address to get started. Please contact us with this information or any questions at the link below. 

2: New firearms from major vendors. We hold accounts with most online suppliers and can purchase the firearm you desire from them, make it compliant and ship it to your dealer.  Please contact us at the link below. 

3: New firearms from our site. These have already been made California compliant for shipment to your dealer. 

4: Consignment and used firearms on our site. Unless otherwise noted in the item description these already are or can be made California compliant for shipment to your dealer.


Please Contact us with any questions.