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R. Lee Ermey Auctions 2


Click photo below for R. Lee Ermey tribute video on YouTube. NSFW!


Now Hear This!



From the personal collection of

"The Gunny", R. Lee Ermey


Auction of Firearms, Antique Guns & Swords. Film, Television and Other Memorabilia.



A notarized certificate of authenticity with photo and description of your item signed by his son, Clinton Ermey, will be included.



A portion of the proceeds from these auctions will be graciously donated by the Ermey family to:





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Auctions beginning 11/06/2021 


Springfield Armory M1D Garand Rifle



Colt 1976 Bicentennial 3 Gun (Lee's Personal Carry Python, Single-action Army & Dragoon)

Commemorative Set with Cabinet




Savage Model B Double Barrel Shotgun





Austro-Hungarian M1853/59 Pioneers Falchion Short Sword




 Winchester Model 63 Rifle




Jos. Golcher 1845 Kentucky Rifle with Appraisal




Japanese Katana Style Sword/Scabbard with Wood Grip




New Baker Model 1896 Damascus Double Barrel Shotgun




Remington Model 14 Rifle




Gebr. Merkel Suhl Double Barrel Shotgun




1850 Civil War Staff and Field Officers' Sword with Appraisal




Auctions beginning 11/20/2021 


Browning BAR Rifle in 7mm Rem Mag




Parker Bros. Damascus Double Barrel Shotgun





Gladius Style Damascus Blade Sword




Winchester Model 62 Rifle




European Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun




J. Stevens A&T Co. Model 225 Shotgun




Japanese Katana Style Sword & Scabbard with Cricket Accents




Remington Model 24 Rifle




Tula Arsenal 1932 Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifle 




Remington Hammer Fired Damascus Double Barrel Shotgun




Auctions beginning 12/04/2021 


Springfield Armory 1903A1 Sporter Rifle




Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Origin – Lee’s Briefcase and Contents




Winchester Model 61 Rifle




Japanese Gunto Katana Style Sword & Scabbard




Vincenzo Bernardelli Italy Shotgun




Remington Model 241 "The Speedmaster" Rifle




H.E. Leman Percussion Musket Circa 1840-1860




Browning 22 Rifle  - 1975 Miroku Production





A.H. Fox Gun Co. Double Barrel Shotgun




Essex Single Shot Shotgun




Auctions beginning 12/18/2021 


  Winchester Model 1895 Rifle




Remington Double Barrel Shotgun




U.S.M.C. Non-Commissioned Officer’s Sword & Scabbard




Joseph Golcher .32 Caliber Percussion Rifle




Eclipse Gun Co. Double Barrel Shotgun




J. Golcher .45 Caliber Percussion Rifle




Parker Bros. Damascus Barrel Shotgun




Katana Style Sword & Scabbard




Counterfeit W.J Jeffery & Co. Double Rifle




1871 Enfield-Snider MK III Rifle




Auctions beginning 01/01/2022 


Ego Spain Dangerous Game Double Rifle




Japanese Katana Style Sword & Scabbard with Cord




W. Richards London Double Damascus Barrel Shotgun




Mortimer Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun




GR Douglas Contemporary Percussion Rifle




W. Jacot London Percussion Rifle-Musket




Auctions beginning 01/15/2022 


Colt Army Special .38 Revolver - R.C. Yard Presentation 




Westley Richards & Co. Takedown Dangerous Game Rifle




F.P. Divisme A Paris Dueling Set, Circa 1850 with Appraisal




Gunny's Mail Call Series Helmet




"The Simpsons" Cast Autographed Scripts, Episode DVDs and Casting Director Notes




Three Hand-Carved Red Coral Specimens




Elgin B.W. Raymond Grand Army Pocket Watch & C.C.V.U. G.A.R Medal




Five Military Patches